Tuesday, June 30, 2009

A Greener Christmas

From sustainwellbeing.net:
Finding satisfaction within ourselves creates a foundation for a sustainable world. Turn off the TV; make friends; sing; dance; play music, sports and games; write letters, books, poetry, music; create; cook; sew; knit; paint; draw; sculpt; learn; love; laugh; talk with your kids, your neighbours, your friends; reach out to those less fortunate; pray; love and appreciate nature. When one enjoys one's self, one is less likely to be influenced by the half trillion dollar annual advertising budget, which aims to convince us that we are inadequate and cannot be happy unless we buy the resource consuming products being sold.
Rather than getting more stuff that uses precious resources, is made overseas and shipped across that globe, and pollutes our planet, I would like to encourage greener gifts when you are looking for one for me. I think the following suggestions are in line with my goals and are about enjoying what life is all about:
  • Membership to Toronto Zoo, Art Gallery of Ontario, McMichael Art Gallery, Toronto Region and Conservation Authority (includes Kortright, Black Creek Pioneer Village, and Albion Hills), Wonderland, Nature organization, ROM, museums, etc.
  • Meal at a local restaurant
  • Tickets to a show (Vaughan City Playhouse, Toronto Symphony, Musical by Mirvish Productions, movie, etc)
  • Tickets to a sports game
  • Plants, seeds, trees
  • B&B/hotel stay somewhere in Ontario
  • Tour
  • Lessons (e.g. tennis, golf, photography, art, etc)
  • Canoe/kayak rental
  • Ski/golf passes
  • Babysitting service
  • Bike tune-up
  • Make a gift from discarded or re-used items
  • Workshop or course
  • Magazine subscription
  • itunes songs
  • Write a letter, poem, song or short story, or make another creative/artistic gift
  • An evening out together
  • Doing a volunteer activity together
  • Energy efficient home improvement
  • Health food
  • Donation to charity or local group. Here are a few suggestions.
Stephen Lewis Foundation (supports community-based organizations that are turning the tide of HIV/AIDS in Africa)

Bicycles for Humanity (ships bicycles to Africa to improve access to healthcare, education, food, water and employment)

World Vision Canada (meaningful gifts to families in the developing world)

Nature Canada

World Wildlife Fund
David Suzuki Foundation
Engineers Without Borders
St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church, Maple - restoration fund
Big Brothers Big Sisters of Canada
End Poverty Now
Scouts Canada

View this great little twenty minute video on 'stuff'